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Solar panel;s on the roof of the Downtown Parking Garage in Gainesville, Florida
Part of the "roof" at the Downtown Parking Garage in Gainesville
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When McGurn Management Company built their first building in 1980, they were already focused on being “Green”, long before it was the “in thing” to do. Consistently, their early buildings used half (or less) the energy of other period buildings. Throughout their downtown Gainesville redevelopment efforts, they focused on bringing people back to live, work and play in downtown, thereby reducing traffic congestion, recycling old structures and reusing existing infrastructure.

McGurn Management Company built 15% of all the new Energy Star Certified homes in the State of Florida in 2000. MMC was instrumental in establishing the first commercial recycling effort in Gainesville in late 1980’s. They led the solar electric revolution in Florida, constructing 300,000 watts of solar voltaic power on their buildings. In 2010 they were again recognized for creative innovation by converting the top floor of their Downtown Parking Garage into covered parking using solar voltaic panels and making the garage a net-zero energy user through retrofitting of lights and other creative steps.

Photovoltaic generating panels on a rooftop
Photovoltaic generating panels on an office rooftop
Underneath a roof of solar electric panels
Under the "roof" at the Downtown Parking Garage
Photovoltaic panels on the Sun Center roof in Gainesville
Photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Sun Center East & West
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